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What Are the Types of SFP Optical Modules?

Optical modules and switches are inseparable from enterprise network deployment and data center construction. Optical modules are mainly used to convert electrical and optical signals, while switches are used to forward photoelectric signals. Among the many optical modules, the SFP optical module is one of the most widely used optical modules at present. The sfp optical module is used in conjunction with the switch, and different connection methods can be used to achieve different network requirements.

Ⅰ. What is the SFP optical module?

The SFP optical module is a 10G optical fiber module, which is independent of the communication protocol. Generally it is connected with switches, optical fiber routers, optical network cards and so on and used in 10G bps Ethernet and 8.5G bps Fibre Channel systems, which can meet the higher speed requirements of data centers and realize the network expansion and conversion of data centers.

The SFP optical module line card has high density and small size, and can be interconnected with other types of 10G modules, providing a higher installation density for data centers and saving costs. As a result, it has become the mainstream pluggable optical module on the market.

Ⅱ. Types of SFP optical modules

Under normal circumstances, SFP optical modules provided by optical module manufacturers are classified according to actual applications. Common types include 10G SFP+, BIDI SFP+, CWDM SFP+, and DWDM SFP+.

1. 10G SFP optical module

This type of optical module is an ordinary SFP optical module, and can also be regarded as an upgraded version of a 10G SFP optical module, which is currently the mainstream design on the market.

2. BIDI SFP optical module

This type of optical module uses wavelength division multiplexing technology with a rate of 11.1G bps and low power consumption. It has two optical fiber jacks, which are generally used in pairs. When building a network in a data center, it can reduce the amount of optical fiber used and lower the construction cost.

3. CWDM SFP optical module

This kind of optical module adopts coarse wavelength division multiplexing technology, and is often used in conjunction with single-mode optical fiber. It can save optical fiber resources, is more flexible and reliable in networking and has low power consumption.

4. DWDM SFP optical module

This kind of optical module uses dense wavelength division multiplexing technology, which is mostly used in long-distance data transmission, with a transmission distance of up to 80km, and has the characteristics of high speed, large capacity, and strong scalability.

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