PRIMUS IT Limited.
PRIMUS IT Limited.

Warranty Policy

The products we guarantee are produced in strict accordance with the ISO9000 certification management system. Now we provide the following quality guarantees for the products we produce:

1. Our company guarantees that all indicators of the products will be strictly tested before they leave the factory, so as to ensure that the qualified rate of the products can reach 100%.

2. Our company guarantees that after the installation, debugging and acceptance of the products if the products themselves have quality problems, they will be replaced within one year. For three years, our company will be responsible for free maintenance.

3. If there is a problem during the use of the product, our company’s technical staff will answer all questions. If it is a product quality problem, our company guarantees to give a clear answer or solution; if the module failure cannot be eliminated, our company will directly replace the faulty module with the client.

4. Belong to one of the following circumstances do not give a free warranty or replacement service.

  • Out of warranty

  • Unable to provide the purchase certificate

  • Damage caused by failure to use or maintain the product according to the instructions

  • The customer repairs or disassembles the product without authorization or the customer entrusts the maintenance personnel not designated by the company to repair or disassembles the product

  • Damage caused by using non-standard inferior connector products

  • Failure or damage of the product is caused by irresistible disasters such as flood, fire, lightning strike and earthquake

  • Other failure or damage not caused by the product itself