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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

1.Corporate Governance System

Good corporate governance is the internal driving force for a company to achieve sustainable development. Since PRIMUSIT was founded in 2015, the company has organically combined corporate governance with production and operation. In strict accordance with the requirements of the "Company Law" and relevant national laws, regulations and rules, establish a modern enterprise system, improve the corporate governance structure, and standardize company operations. Establish a systematic and scientific regulatory system based on the "Articles of Association", with the main framework of the rules of procedures of the shareholders' meeting, the rules of the board of directors, the rules of the board of supervisors, and the working rules of the general manager. A power check-and-balance mechanism for decision-making, execution, operation management, and effective supervision has been formed with the shareholders' meeting, board of directors, board of supervisors and management as the main structure, ensuring the healthy operation of various business activities such as the company’s production and operation, and realizing the company’s sustainability healthy growth.

2.Company development

In 2019, the company focused on reform and innovation themes, thoroughly implemented the scientific development concept, innovated marketing strategies, actively responded to market changes, carried out independent innovation, focused on a financial budget and cost assessment, strengthened the company's defence and risk control capabilities, and promoted the company's operating performance Continue to maintain sustained and rapid growth.

3. Product management

The company has always been adhering to the quality policy of "survive by quality, build a brand by quality, seek benefit by quality, and promote development by quality". Regarding product quality as the life of the company, strictly controlling product quality, establishing a long-term product quality management mechanism and a comprehensive quality management system, strengthening quality control and assurance from raw material control, technical guarantee, production process control, and sales link control. Provide customers with assured products.

4.Talent training

The company has formulated a series of preferential policies, implemented measures for recruiting talents and introducing talents, and dealt with the spouse's work and housing for the introduced talents so that they can feel that our work is sincere and happy. , Dry satisfaction. Through this measure, a talent guarantee is provided for the technological innovation and development of the enterprise.

The company organizes and implements various types of on-the-job training for more than 400 people. It also encourages employees to take the path of self-taught. In recent years, more than 10 employees have taken up middle management positions and more than 20 have taken up technical management positions. The development of these tasks has added vitality to the company's development.

Employees are the company's greatest wealth. Employees are living very hard under the current social conditions. The company starts from caring for and protecting the fundamental interests of employees and strictly manages them. At the same time, it attaches great importance to caring about employees' lives and thoughts in their daily work. In order to solve the problem of employees' accommodation, the company's leadership will give condolences to all employees every Spring Festival.

5.Environmental protection

The company regards environmental protection as an important part of the company's sustainable development strategy, pays attention to fulfilling the corporate environmental protection responsibilities, and actively practices environmentally friendly and resource-saving development.

Incorporate environmental management into the company's management system and go deep into all aspects of product production. First of all, the company strengthened publicity in various departments to improve the environmental awareness of all employees of the company. Secondly, implement environmental management indicators into every link in the product production process, establish a target responsibility system from the top, middle, and team levels of the enterprise, form a management network, and timely report the production and discharge status of various departments to ensure that the responsibility is in place, rewards and punishments Clearly, truly deepen the environmental protection and environmental concepts into every employee.

Using modern information technology to implement paperless office work, and promote the construction of a conservation-oriented society, the company actively introduces modern information technology methods such as financial computerization, ERP management, intranet, etc., and continuously improves the OA office system to achieve paperless office work. It saves paper consumption, communication costs and mailing costs, and also reduces the occupation of social communication lines and postal resources by telephone, fax and mail contact methods, and actively promotes the construction of a conservation-oriented society.

Encourage employees to make technological innovations, eliminate outdated production techniques, and build environmentally-friendly enterprises.

Reduce electrical energy consumption and resource recycling by proposing innovative and improved rationalization suggestions for equipment, pipelines, waste equipment and facilities, and waste energy, and propose optimization and improvement to existing production processes to achieve energy saving and emission reduction, Increase production and efficiency.