PRIMUS IT Limited.
PRIMUS IT Limited.

Research & Development

1. At present, our factory mainly includes R&D, pilot test, reliability test, QC, warehouse, component packaging workshop, module production workshop and other major departments, including 12 R&D engineers, 65 production personnel, a total number of 110 people, and 4 production lines. The total plant area is 2,500 square meters, the current production capacity is 100K / month, and the plan is to expand to 150K / month at the end of the year. The factory has passed ISO9001 quality system certification.

Meanwhile, we are the official strategic partner of CTST, working together to serve the extensive needs of customers. In new product development work, PRIMUSIT strengthens exchanges and cooperation with CTST, according to the scientific and technological development and market demand, through the introduction of technology, joint development, etc., so research achievements into productivity, create benefits for enterprises. The products currently developed are sold to Europe, Canada, the United States and other places.

2. Company's existing production facilities and equipment conditions Company's existing research and development/production equipment.

3. Primus IT continues to introduce advanced technologies and management systems at home and abroad. The company has optical module packaging equipment production lines, testing equipment and advanced production process; it brings together professional and senior talents in product development, enterprise management, manufacturing, application design and marketing; actively develop the development and upgrading of difficult topics in optical modules The development of the company has made continuous efforts for the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Primus IT is determined to be in the field of compatible optical modules with great enthusiasm and a sense of social responsibility and continues to explore and innovate optical module applications in the environmental protection and energy-saving business.

Passed certifications

ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, UL, TUV, FCC,SGS

Stable supply capacity 

The current production capacity is 2KKpcs / year, and it is planning to expand up to 4KK pcs/year

Automated production

We maintain close cooperation with the best upstream manufacturers in the industry and can maintain stable production capacity even when the upstream materials are in short supply.


Supplier certification

We are right now is in a supplier certificate by the supplier of ZTE and HUAWEI. All inspection certification is by the standard of ZTE and HUAWEI.

Product traceability

Our product quality control system guarantees the traceability of all our products, and every quality control point will be recorded. If there is any problem with the quality of the product, we can quickly know which point is wrong.

R & D capabilities

Currently, 100M-100G can be mass-produced, and 200-400G is under development.