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Quality Control


Incoming Quality Contro (IQC)

Full inspection, random inspection, and batch inspection are performed on all raw materials and spare parts that enter the factory. Distinguish the defective products that do not meet the company's requirements, and make a clear mark at the same time. According to the actual severity of the circumstances, an exception notice will be issued to the supplier, and emergency measures and permanent improvement measures will be required. Supervise and track the specific implementation situation, and strictly do not accept unqualified products, do not miss unqualified products, and do not transmit unqualified products.

Production process quality control

Responsibility for each process is assigned to people. Operators are strictly required to do a self-inspection of a product first, and then inspected by the workshop director, and then sampled by the quality inspector or patrol inspector, to prevent the occurrence of non-conforming products and prevent a non-conforming product. Flow into the next process.

Each workshop shall strictly distinguish between inspected products, qualified products and defective products to prevent mutual confusion. Products in the workshop must be placed neatly, kept clean and dry. Each workshop must standardize operations and strictly do not produce unqualified products, do not accept unqualified products, and do not transmit unqualified products.

Outgoing Quality Contro (OQC)

Through the re-inspection of the performance indicators of the entire product, whether it meets the needs of customers and the expected satisfaction. The inspection must be carried out in strict accordance with the standards set by the company and the requirements of the customers. Do not miss an inspection, do not hand over defective products, and do not accept unqualified products. The factory pass rate reaches 100%.

After-sales service

We have not finished our work when we put the product in the hands of the customer. It is also required that after-sales service personnel must explain and guide customers how to use the product, and what issues should be paid attention to during use.