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Combo, as the name implies, means a combination. Combo PON is a combination of GPON and 10G GPON. It uses two technologies to adopt different bearer wavelengths. The two wavelengths are combined in one optical module to achieve independent transmission of GPON and 10G GPON optical signals. Receiving and processing, compatible with existing GPON network services while providing high-bandwidth services on demand, reusing existing network equipment and ODN, avoiding changes to existing network resources and occupying additional computer room space, and replacing user-side ONUs as needed according to service package upgrades Terminal, to achieve fast and smooth upgrade of high-bandwidth services. Contact Primus IT, a professional gpon manufacturer, for the price.

Specifications of XGSPON & GPON COMBO

P/NProduct DescriptionData SheetData Rate(Gbit/s)TXRXTX_Min(dBm)TX_Max(dBm)RX_Min(dBm)RX_Max(dBm)Power ConsumptionReachTemperature(degC)
PCS96-B542320XGS-COMBO PON OLT SFP+ C+/C+TX 2.488Gbps/RX 9.953Gbps and 2.488GbpsDFB 1490nm1270nm APD-TIA1480nm1500nm1260nm1280nm/20km0 to +70°C
TX 9.953G/RX 1.244GbpsEML 1577nm1310nm APD-TIA1575nm1580nm1290mm1330nm

Origin of Combo PON

The current mainstream GPON network is gradually difficult to meet the growing bandwidth demand of high-bandwidth services. Operators need to consider new technologies to provide higher bandwidth, better services, enhance user experience and create new value points. When upgrading from GPON to 10G GPON, operators need to consider various requirements. At present, the mature commercial deployment of 10G GPON technology can just meet this demand and solve the contradiction between business development and insufficient bandwidth. There are two schemes for upgrading GPON to 10G GPON: external combiner scheme and Combo PON scheme with integrated optical module. 

The external combiner scheme requires the addition of OLT frame, rack, 10G PON line card, external combiner, fiber jumper and ODF rack and other supporting equipment, which has the advantages of high construction cost, large space occupation in the computer room, complex construction and wiring, and difficult management and maintenance. In addition, the optical power loss introduced by the external combiner will also affect the optical power budget of the existing network ONU, which may affect the user business. 

On the contrary, the Combo PON scheme of the integration of optical modules is adopted to combine the wavelengths of GPON and 10G GPON in a single optical module and output them from the same optical port. this scheme reuses the frame of ODN and the original equipment, and does not need to add related equipment and external combined wave and other supporting equipment. 

Compared with the external combiner scheme, it has the advantages of less computer room space, simple network upgrade, easy maintenance, rapid opening of service, no impact on existing network business, less overall investment and so on. 

Combo PON, the combination of GPON and 10G GPON, uses two technologies with different carrier wavelengths to transmit and receive GPON and 10G GPON optical signals independently in one optical module, which is compatible with existing GPON network services while providing high-bandwidth services on demand, reuses existing network equipment and ODN, avoids changes to existing network resources and additional computer room space, and realizes fast and smooth upgrading of high-bandwidth services.

Technical Values of Combo PON

Save computer space, simplify operation and maintenance

The Combo PON solution does not require additional external equipment and related supporting facilities, and can greatly save computer room space when the GPON is fully upgraded. 

At the same time, there is no new equipment related to the computer room, which avoids more problems in operation and maintenance management, and saves CAPEX and OPEX for operators as a whole. 

Reduce initial investment and smooth investment return

At present, the cost of 10G GPON ONU terminals is higher than that of GPON ONU. Using Combo PON deployment scheme, you can upgrade the ONU in users' homes according to the bandwidth upgrade needs of household users. With the development of business, you can upgrade and deploy 10G GPON with light assets, avoiding the high cost of terminals directly caused by 10G PON upgrades. 

No effect on existing network GPON business

With the large-scale deployment of GPON service in the existing network, the optical power budget of some areas and some users will be tight. The Combo PON scheme is adopted to amplify the optical power after the combined wave is built in the optical module to compensate the optical power loss of the combined wave, so as to ensure that the normal business of the existing network will not be affected. 

Reduce office-side deployment costs

The Combo PON upgrade scheme can reduce the office-end deployment cost. For the Combo PON and external combiner solutions, by comparing the office-end construction and deployment costs and equipment space occupation costs of SingTel's 5-year life cycle, the Combo PON scheme can save 24% compared with the external combiner scheme. 

By adopting the Combo PON scheme, operators can quickly and flexibly achieve the distribution of high-bandwidth services, improve user experience, enhance market competitiveness, and create more value.