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25G SFP28

25G SFP28

25G SFP28 optical module being able to provide cost-effective 25G and 100G networking solutions by the majority of the user's data centres of all ages. It is mainly suitable for short-distance data transmission in 25G Ethernet switches, routers, network interface cards (NIC) and storage network equipment.

As a professional manufacturer of optical modules, Primus IT provides cost-effective 25G optical modules and solutions. 

Specifications of 25G SFP28

P/NProduct DescriptionData SheetData Rate(Gbit/s)TXRXTX_Min(dBm)TX_Max(dBm)RX_Min(dBm)RX_Max(dBm)Power ConsumptionReachTemperature(deg C)
PSP28-8501M25Gbps SR Duplex LC SFP2825GVCSEL 850nmPIN840nm860nm840nm860nm/70m on OM3
100m on OM4
-5ºC to +70°C
PSP28-311025Gbps LR Duplex LC SFP2825GDFB 1310nmPIN1295nm1325nm1260nm1355nm/10kmCommercial: -5ºC to +70°C Extended: -20ºC to +80°C Industrial: -40ºC to+85°C
25Gbps LR BIDI Simplex SFP2825GDFB 1270nmPIN1260nm1280nm1320nm1340nm/10kmCommercial: -5ºC to +70°C Extended: -20ºC to +80°C Industrial: -40ºC to+85°C
DFB 1330nmPIN1320nm1340nm1260nm1280nm
PSP28-CXX1025Gbps CWDM LR Duplex LC SFP2825GCWDM DFBPINλc-6.5nmλc+6.5nm1260nm1620nm/10kmCommercial: -5ºC to +70°C Extended: -20ºC to +80°C Industrial: -40ºC to+85°C
PSP28-DXX1025Gbps DWDM LR Duplex LC SFP2825GDWDM EMLPINλc -0.1nmλc +0.1nm1520nm1570nm/10kmCommercial: 0 to +70°C Industrial: -40ºC to +85°C
PSP28-LXX4025Gbps SFP28 ER LAN-WDM SMF25G/APD1272.55 to 1274.541272.55nm1310.19nm/40km0 to +70°C
1276.89 to 1278.89
1281.25 to 1283.27
1285.65 to 1287.69
1290.07 to 1292.12
1294.53 to 1296.59
1299.02 to 1301.09
1303.54 to 1305.63
1308.09 to 1310.19