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1.25G SFP

1.25G SFP

Primus IT 1.25G optical module may be provided to support the maximum rate of 1.25Gbps. Using FP or DBF laser, it can be compatible with multiple brand switches, commercial-grade and industrial-grade are optional. 

Specifications of  1.25G sfp

P/NProduct DescriptionData SheetData Rate(Gbit/s)TXRXTX_Min(dBm)TX_Max(dBm)RX_Min(dBm)RX_Max(dBm)Power ConsumptionReachTemperature(deg C)
1.25G SFPPSP12-T1000-BASE-T Copper SFP1000BASE///////100m0 to +70°C
PSP12-TA1000-BASE-T Copper SFP1000BASE///////100m0 to +70°C
PSP12-8505M1.25Gbps SFP SR1.25GVCSEL 850nmPIN830nm870nm830nm870nm/550m0 to +70°C
PSP12-31201.25Gbps SFP LR1.25GFP 1310nm PIN1260nm1360nm1260nm1610nm/20km0 to +70°C
PSP12-31401.25Gbps SFP ER1.25GDFB 1310nm PIN1260nm1360nm1260nm1610nm/40km0 to +70°C
PSP12-55401.25Gbps SFP ER1.25GDFB 1550nm PIN1530nm1570nm1260nm1620nm/40km -5°C to +70°C
PSP12-55801.25Gbps SFP ZR1.25GDFB 1550nm PIN1530nm1570nm1260nm1610nm/80km0 to +70°C
PSP12-551B1.25Gbps SFP EZR1.25GDFB 1550nm PIN1530nm1570nm1260nm1620nm/120km -5°C to +70°C
PSP12-B35201.25G BIDI 1310/1550 20km1.25GFP 1310nm 1550nm PIN1260nm1360nm1530nm1570nm/20km0 to +70°C
PSP12-B53201.25G BIDI 1550/1310 20km1.25GDFB 1550nm 1310nm PIN1530nm1570nm1260nm1360nm/20km0 to +70°C
PSP12-B34401.25G BIDI 1310/1490 ER1.25GDFB 1310nm 1490nm PIN1260nm1360nm1470nm1510nm/40km -5°C to +70°C
PSP12-B43401.25G BIDI 1490/1310 ER1.25GDFB 1490nm 1310nm PIN1470nm1510nm1260nm1360nm/40km -5°C to +70°C
PSP12-B35401.25G BIDI 1310/1550 ER1.25GDFB 1310nm 1550nm PIN1260nm1360nm1530nm1570nm/40km0 to +70°C
PSP12-B53401.25G BIDI 1550/1310 ER1.25GDFB 1550nm 1310nm PIN1530nm1570nm1260nm1360nm/40km0 to +70°C
PSP12-B45801.25G BIDI 1490/1550 ZR1.25GDFB 1490nm 1550nm PIN1470nm1510nm1530nm1570nm/80km0 to +70°C
PSP12-B54801.25G BIDI 1550/1490 ZR1.25GDFB 1550nm 1490nm PIN1530nm1570nm1470nm1510nm/80km0 to +70°C
PSP12-B451B1.25G BIDI 1490/1550 120km1.25GDFB 1490nm 1550nm PIN1470nm1510nm1530nm1570nm/120km -5°C to +70°C
PSP12-B541B1.25G BIDI 1550/1490 120km1.25GDFB 1550nm 1490nm PIN1530nm1570nm1470nm1510nm/120km -5°C to +70°C

Features of 1.25 g SFP Transceiver 

  • Supports up to 1.25Gbps bit rates 

  • Hot-pluggable SFP footprint 

  • 1310nm FP laser and PIN photo detector, Up to 20km for SMF transmission 

  • Compliant with SFP MSA and SFF-8472 with single LC receptacle 

  • Compatible with RoHS 

  • Single +3.3V power supply 

  • Real Time Digital Diagnostic Monitoring 

  • Operating case temperature: 

    Standard: 0 to +70°C 

    Industrial: -40 to +85°C

Primus IT 1.25 g SFP Transceiver 1310nm 10km/ 20km transceiver is a high-performance and cost-effective module, which is composed of a FP laser transmitter, a PIN photodiode integrated with a cross-impedance preamplifier (TIA) and a single-chip microcomputer control unit. It supports the data rate of 1.25Gbps and the transmission distance of 10 km/20 km SMF.

All modules meet the level I laser safety requirements. And they can be applied in 1.25Gbps Optical systems, Gigabit Ethernet, etc.

Primus IT 1.25 g SFP Transceiver is compatible with SFP multi-source protocol and SFF-8472 digital diagnostics.