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PON Technology in Optical Fiber Access Network

At present, in the aspect of optical fiber access network technology, narrowband access is gradually replaced by broadband access, and finally realize fiber to home. Broadband optical fiber access network becomes inevitable, and PON technology will become the technical hotspot of broadband access network in the future because of its multi-service, low investment and easy maintenance.

What is an optical fiber access network?

Optical fiber access network refers to the access network in which the transmission medium is optical fiber. Optical fiber module types access network can be divided into two categories technically: active optical network (AON,ActiveOpticalNetwork) and passive optical network (PON,PassiveOpticalNetwork).
Active optical network can be divided into SDH-based AON and PDH-based AON.
Passive optical networks can be divided into narrowband PON and broadband PON.

What is the role of access network in network construction?

The information network is composed of core backbone network, metropolitan area network, access network and user resident network, and the access network is located in the bridge of metropolitan area network / backbone network.
At present, science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, a large number of electronic documents continue to be produced, with the economic globalization, the acceleration of social information process, the massive popularity of the Internet, the fierce growth of data services, and the continuous expansion of telecommunications services. GPON manufacturers have expanded from a single telephone service to a variety of services. Narrowband access network has become a bottleneck restricting the development of broadband network. The market capacity of access network is very large, in order to meet the needs of users, new technologies continue to emerge. Access network is the focus and key of the development of national information infrastructure, and network access technology has become the focus and investment focus of research institutions, communication manufacturers, telecom companies and operation departments.

Advantages of PON

  • Can provide transparent broadband and low-cost transmission capacity.

  • Compared with the active optical network, its installation, opening and maintenance costs are lower, and the system is more reliable and stable, so the access network is using a large number of PON systems.

  • PON adopts point-to-multipoint access mode, the infrastructure cost of laying optical fiber between central office and users is shared by users, which can improve the return of network construction investment. Compared with the method of configuring end-to-end optical fiber for each user, PON devices that improve business for the same number of customers are smaller and take up less space in the central office.

  • PON supports both traditional services (traditional telephone services POTS, analog television) and broadband services (IP voice transmission, IPTV, broadband Internet access, etc.).

  • PON supports all residential users (using POTS, analog television and data services) and many business users (using T1/E1 and Ethernet services) to share an access network (including physical layer and protocol layer) without having to use different access networks to provide services for them, thus reducing the number of decentralized access networks.

With the progress of network technology and the popularity of broadband services, optical fiber access is becoming more and more common, while pipeline and optical cable resources can not be expanded indefinitely. The use of PON technology saves a lot of optical cable resources and effectively solves this problem. Easy sky optical communication ETU-LINK optical module manufacturers can provide EPON optical module and GPON optical module for optical fiber access network. With the continuous improvement of PON technology and the continuous reduction of the cost of optical devices, the technical advantages will become more and more obvious.