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PRIMUS IT Limited.


Primus IT assists every rapidly growing organization on all enterprise networks' optics needs.

We realize nowadays the different kinds of challenges arise in network infrastructure deployment and upgrading, like different brands of equipment and network designs, that is why we provide flexible options on wide-compatible optical transceivers, including data rate, wavelength, transmission distance etc.

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GBIC, the abbreviation of Giga BitrateInterface Converter, is an interface device that converts gigabit electrical signals into optical signals. 

GBIC is in line with international standards, and the gigabit switch designed with GBIC interface occupies a large market share in the market because of its flexible interchange. 

SFP is an acronym for SMALL FORM PLUGGABLE and can be simply understood as an upgraded version of GBlC. The SFP module is half the size of the GBIC module and can be configured with more than twice the number of ports on the same panel. The other functions of the SFP module are basically the same as those of GBIC. 

Generally speaking, GBIC module ports with different products have different requirements for cabling specifications. Regardless of cabling type or cabling distance, Primus IT can help you solve the net gpon problems of your enterprise, so that you don't have to worry about it.