PRIMUS IT Limited.
PRIMUS IT Limited.

AOC/DAC on Education

A good campus network status guarantees the continuous progress of education. Our students and faculty members need faster speeds and stronger connectivity to ensure the smooth execution of the course.

Wavelength division multiplexing applications

Educational metropolitan area network generally has the characteristics of many user points, high bandwidth requirements, many kinds of applications and requirements to provide access services in order to support the network. Its application is more complex, and it can be divided into general education and higher education, whose network needs are different. Among them, colleges and universities have a very leading demand, such as 10 trillion, IPv6, etc., not only teaching applications, but also to do scientific research, but also to provide access services, a variety of data formats, there is an urgent need for a transparent platform that can support a variety of services.

Primus IT adopts cutting-edge technologies, including 400G QSFP DD,xWDM technologies, Direct Attach Twinax Cables (DACs) and Active Optical Cables (AOCs) on education to tackle the ever-growing requirements of a modern campus.