PRIMUS IT Limited.
PRIMUS IT Limited.

Edge/5G Enablement

Assist global telecom carriers to quickly deploy 5G network infrastructure

  • Flexible options offered from our advanced 5G、WDM technologies, and extensive OEM supports

  • Completed 25G SFP28,50G QSFP28, portfolio for next-generation deployment

  • Trustworthy performance makes the project execute perfectly

  • Strong product performance makes bidding more competitive

  • Excellent production and inventory management capabilities make fast delivery our core advantage

Our transceivers are well compatible with major equipment manufacturers

Transceiver architecture in Edge/5G Enablement

Most of the 5G FR1 band is the readjusted LTE band. Although these bands significantly increase the bandwidth compared to LTE, they can still take advantage of similar RF modulation / demodulation architecture through similar AFE characteristics. 

QSFP 28 transceiver is expected that most 5G deployments will initially be concentrated in the below 6 GHz (FR1) band and will soon extend to the millimeter wave FR2 band. 

Ultra-high speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with high resolution and low power consumption are now available for SoC integration. These data converters support the channel bandwidth available in the millimeter wave band and open the door to the popularity of RF architecture, which is expected to reduce the complexity of RF circuits by reducing the digital / analog signal gap transmitted to antennas.