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Data Center

Cutting-edge optical tech and wireless data transceiver

  • Supports data centers of any scale including ultra-large-scale data centers

  • Product data-rate up to 200G-400G QSFP DD \ OSFP

  • Complete solutions from optical transceivers to Direct Attach Cables and Active Optical Cable 

  • Supports data center operators and Internet service providers, making DCI simpler

  • High-speed interconnection and uninterrupted operation make high-performance computing a step forward

Our transceivers are well compatible with major equipment manufacturers

Demands for the data center optical transceiver

As the core device of wireless data transceiver, optical transceiver module has been widely used in data center. The use of optical transceiver (or AOC active optical cable) is the only mature cabling scheme in scenarios with a rate of more than 10G and a transmission distance of more than 10 meters. 

Optical transceiver module is the core device to realize photoelectric conversion. Primus IT optical transceiver module,such as gbic 100gb 80km has been widely used in data center. New applications such as high-definition video, live streaming and VR promote the growth of global network traffic. These put forward higher requirements for wireless data transceiver for data transmission within the data center: 

1. Continuous expansion, new deployment, and evolution of the network architecture to achieve non-blocking network. 

2. The number of optical transceivers that need to be configured in a single cabinet has increased significantly. 

3. Data center flattening: solve the data flow in the data center, which is mainly driven by cloud computing, cloud migration, IaaS virtual configuration, distributed computing and wireless data transceiver.

The function of wireless data transceiver

Wireless data transceiver module is usually called wireless module. The data center optical transceiver mainly uses infrared, ultrasonic, radio frequency and other wireless signals to replace the traditional wired data transmission. Wireless module has become an important research and development achievement and breakthrough of current technological innovation. Wireless data transmission can be based on dedicated data transmission system or public network platforms such as CDPD, GSM, CDMA and so on. 

Primus IT data center 10G, 100G optical transceiver has strong anti-interference ability, low bit error rate, transparent data transmission, transmission distance from tens of meters to thousands of meters, which can meet the different needs of customers. The module interface and baud rate can meet the requirements of different products, and the primus IT module has good stability.