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Flexible cooperation model

lower cost, higher quality

With years of experience in designing and deploying optical applications and field-proven expertise, PRIMUSIT offers flexible, seamless and high-quality custom optical transceivers, directly Connection cables (DAC) and active optical cables (AOC) are available in a variety of configurations.

Customized Transceivers


More than 800 compatible options are available to suit the customer’s equipment

Transmission Distance

Different distances from 30m to 160km are suitable for different applications

Operating Temperature

The commercial temperature range is 0°C~70°C, and the industrial temperature range is -40°C~80°C


Irregular wavelengths are available for customization


Package, label pattern and color can be customized for specific needs

Customized DACs & AOC


More than 300 compatible options are available to suit the customer’s equipment

Cable Length

Irregular cable lengths can be customized


Transceiver packages, label patterns and colors can be tailored to specific needs

Why Primus IT OEM Solution?

  1. Wide OEM Choices

    Primus IT offers custom transceivers and cables in a variety of configurations to meet specific project needs, including more than 800 suppliers, various transmission distances and even product labels and packages.

  2. Quality Assurance

    Perform a series of standard tests to ensure that the product configuration meets the customer's needs. Transceivers and Cables are individually tested on branded servers and switches to ensure compatibility with the PrimusIT test center.

  3. Fast Delivery

    In addition to standard products, custom transceivers and cables can be shipped from local warehouses on the same day. In this case, our customers receive much less time and expense to receive custom products.