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Networking Application of FTTx PON Technology

Application based on enterprise users

Enterprise users are generally concentrated in office buildings or industrial parks, with scattered users, relatively high bandwidth requirements and diversified business requirements. In addition to voice and Internet services, there are E1 dedicated lines and video conferencing requirements. Therefore, ONU requires E1 interface support. For enterprise users generally use FTTB or FTTO access, if the user's lead-in line already has five types of lines or twisted pair, then you can also use the scheme of FTTB+LAN and FTTB+xDSL.

Application based on residential district

For residential quarters, FTTC/FTTB is generally used to realize optical fiber to residential area or optical fiber to residential building, according to the distribution of users in the residential area, one or more gpon onu device is arranged, and then according to the status of user access resources, xDSL or LAN is chosen to achieve user access.


FTTC/FTTCab+xDSL mode is suitable for traditional fixed-line operators who already have telephone line resources, there is no need to do user introduction line engineering, the optical splitter is placed in the handover box near the community, and the ONU is located in the handover box in or near the residential area. the existing telephone twisted pair is used to transmit voice and broadband signals, and the user needs to install a modem to connect with the computer.


FTTB+LAN mode is suitable for user-intensive new residential buildings, using five types of Ethernet lines to access users to achieve high-speed broadband connection. The optical splitter is placed in the transfer box near the residential area, and the ONU is placed in the corridor, and the end users can be connected with five types of wires. The user voice service can be realized through the twisted pair connection to the POTS port.

Application of Fiber to the Home

With the continuous decline of the price of FTTx equipment, the gradual popularization of various broadband applications, and the increasing demand for user bandwidth, in the areas with large number of broadband users, user density and business volume, FTTH can be used directly to solve the access network problem. In this mode, the ONU is placed directly in the user's home, each user has a unique ONU, and the user's phone, computer or video device is directly connected to the ONU. At present, the lead-in lines of most users are still copper core wires, so there are few FTTH access schemes.

The above are the different solutions and practical application cases of FTTx PON technology for enterprises, residential areas and fiber-to-the-home. Moreover, with the continuous development of the application of FTTx technology, FTTx PON technology will become the ultimate solution of the "last kilometer" of the network.