PRIMUS IT Limited.
PRIMUS IT Limited.

Multi Supports

Multiple roles

We are not a pure manufacturing company, we hope to provide end-users with more added value such as product application solutions, system integration services, after-sales maintenance and other technical support. We emphasize cooperation and win-win, so we have been developing new business partners, such as system integrators, network maintenance teams, channel development partners, through which we can provide localized technical support and services to our overseas customers. To maximize the customer experience.

Business support

Our account manager will do a one-to-one instant docking with the customer to ensure the smooth execution of each order. We will process the customer's sample requirements as soon as possible, and we promise that the sample delivery period will be no longer than 5 working days without any structural modifications. For conventional products, we do not make the lowest price in the market but will provide reasonable and competitive product quotations to ensure a long-term win-win between the two parties.

We also regularly provide our partners with promotional information in this regard. We do not impose any commercial exclusivity restrictions on our partners, and we believe that price/performance is the best exclusivity clause.

All technical and business support we can provide include:

  • Product Information(Catalogue, technical Parameters…)

  • Test report

  • Product customization(OEM/ODM)

  • Samples supply

  • Competitive price

  • Delivery time support

  • After-sales support

  • Global shipping

  • Flexible payment

  • Joint exhibition

  • local warehouse (For long-term partners, we can build the customers local warehouse to help customers reduce the cost )