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Introduction to the Use of Optical Modules and How to Improve the Stability of Optical Modules

We all know that industrial switches are composed of optical modules. Whether the industrial switches can operate stably is inseparably linked to optical modules. Next, PRIMUSIT will talk about the introduction of optical modules and how to improve the stability of optical modules. 

The optical module in the industry refers to the hot-swappable small packaged optical module, which is the optical module used on the port of the device and can be hot-swapped during operation. The electrical signal in the router device) is converted into an optical signal. So how to use the optical module? Let's find out together next.

Ⅰ. How to use the optical module?

1. Anti-static measures

Whether indoors or outdoors, anti-static measures must be taken when using optical modules, and you must ensure that you touch the optical modules with your hands while wearing anti-static gloves or anti-static wristbands.

2. Pick and place operation

When handling the optical module, it is strictly forbidden to touch the golden finger of the optical module, and it must be handled with care to prevent the optical module from being pressed and bumped.

3. Plug and unplug method

(1) When installing the optical module, first insert it firmly to the end, and then feel a slight vibration or hear a "pop" sound, which means that the optical module is locked in place. When inserting the optical module, close the handle ring; after inserting, unplug the optical module again to check whether it is installed properly. If it cannot be pulled out, it means that it has been inserted to the bottom.

(2) When removing the optical module, you need to pull out the fiber jumper first, and then pull the handle to about 90 degrees from the optical port, and then slowly take out the optical module. It is forbidden to pull the optical module out by force.

Ⅱ. How to improve the stability of the optical module?

The main quality consideration parameter of an optical module is the stability of the optical module. As an optical module manufacturer, improving the stability of the optical module is the main way to ensure product quality. The key to improving the stability of the optical module is to improve the coaxiality of the device. How can theory and reality be perfectly connected?

(1) Improve the accuracy of viscose tooling;

(2) Improve the matching accuracy between the base and the "welded shaft pin";

(3) Improve the manufacturing accuracy and positioning accuracy of welding tooling;

(4) Strengthen the staff operation specifications for optical module devices and board welding tooling;

(5) Enhanced inspection The "module coaxial inspection pin" is used to inspect the coaxiality between the casing and the device, which replaces the inspection of the optical module by the jumper, which reduces the effect on the module and reduces the damage to the device ferrule's contamination and damage.