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How Much Do You Know About GLC-T/GLC-TE/SFP-GE-T

As we know that copper SFP and electrical SFP, the main feature is that the connector is RJ45, which is our common network cable interface. Cisco GLC-T, GLC-TE, and SFP-GE-T optical modules are all gigabit electrical optical modules, all each of them has RJ45 interfaces, their transmission distance is 100m. They are used in applications such as data centers, access networks, and storage area networks, it's a cost-saving Gigabit Ethernet connection solution.

Crystal head

Common data rates are 10/100/1000BASE-T and 1000BASE-T.

For GLC-T, GLC-TE, and SFP-GE-T, there is no optical signal, only an electric signal, and the connector is a crystal head.

How much do you know about GLC-T/GLC-TE/SFP-GE-T

Then what's the difference between GLC-T, GLC-TE, and SFP-GE-T?

Optical module P/N


Operating temperature


1000BASE-T SFP transceiver module for Category 5 copper wire 100m



1000BASE-T SFP transceiver module for Category 5 copper wire 100m



1000BASE-T SFP (NEBS 3 ESD) 100m


In the above table, we can see that the working temperature of the GLC-T optical module is different from the latter two. GLC-TE optical module can be used as a substitute for GLC-T optical module; SFP-GE-T optical module has a NEBS 3 ESD function that neither of the former ones has.

Cisco GLC-T, GLC-TE and SFP-GE-T optical modules are widely used in network equipment such as Cisco (Cisco) Catalyst 2970/3560/3750. Provide 10/100/1000Mbps transmission rate.

What does NEBS 3 ESD mean?

NEBS is the abbreviation of Network Equipment Building System. It is a set of standards for building network equipment that can withstand various environmental pressures. NEBS has three levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

Level 1 refers to situations that require minimum compatibility with the environment;

Level 2 applies to the limited operability of the product;

Level 3 (NEBS 3 ESD) certification guarantees the maximum operability of the equipment. It also proves that the equipment performs well under harsh environmental conditions and will not interfere with other electronic equipment around. NEBS Level 3 certification network equipment is used in critical business applications. Is very important.

Generally speaking, compared with GLC-T or GLC-TE, SFP-GE-T optical module can withstand greater stress and is less prone to failure.

 However, this also means that the NEBS-ready SFP-GE-T Cisco Transceivers are also somewhat more expensive than the GLC-T alternative.  

How to choose Cisco SFP-GE-T, GLC-TE and GLC-T optical modules?

In fact, the transmission effect achieved by these three optical modules is the same. Which optical module is selected can achieve Gigabit transmission, but it is worth noting that the original Cisco GLC-T and SFP-GE-T optical modules were released in 2017. Sales have been terminated on June 1 and replaced by GLC-TE optical modules.

If you are dealing directly with a telecommunications company (which requires NEBS), you need to choose an SFP-GE-T optical module with NEBS 3 ESD function.

The cost of GLC-T and GLC-TE optical modules is lower, and they can also meet the requirements of Gigabit Ethernet;