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Data Center : Optical Transceiver's QSFP+(40G)

QSFP(Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable)

40G optical module refers to an optical module with a transmission rate of 40Gbps. CFP and QSFP are the main packaging forms. 40G QSFP+ optical module is one of the most widely used optical modules.

QSFP+ connector is regarded as the enhanced generation of QSFP connector. Why do we call QSFP+ the plus one? Because it can support Infiniband, Fiber Channel and Ethernet at 10Gbp/s per channel, thus the combined data rate of the 4 channels can reach 40Gbp/s, which is a distinct improvement in data transmission speed. Besides, like the QSFP connector, the 40G QSFP+ interface can support transmission and network links over both single-mode and multimode infrastructures. To enable 40G QSFP+ connector to be split into 4 independent data streams for different network equipment, AOC breakout cable, DAC breakout cable and other types of breakout cables are used. 

With the rapid development of data centers toward ultra-high-speed and large-capacity, the market demand for high-speed optical modules continues to increase. As a product that has been deployed in large numbers in data centers, 40G QSFP+ is gradually facing the future. All were eliminated in the year.

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