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Campus Network Case Optical Module Solution

With people’s urgent demand for information resource sharing and information exchange, prompting the rapid development of network technology, colleges and universities are also preparing to build campus networks, hoping to improve the level of teaching, management, and scientific research through the construction of campus networks. Campus network applications can be divided into three parts: e-learning (multimedia classrooms, e-library, etc.), campus management (database), and remote communication (Internet access, remote teaching).

In the construction of the campus network, the core layer equipment can be placed in the network center, and a high-performance three-layer switching device can be placed in each convergence sub-center of the campus. The entire campus network convergence layer is borne by multiple three-layer switching devices. One device is responsible for the access to the building switch in the nearby area.

Campus Network Case Optical Module Solution

The general campus network needs to use 10 Gigabit and Gigabit switches. The backplane bandwidth and the number of slots can be selected according to the networking requirements of the campus network. In addition to choosing a switch, we also need to choose an optical module and fiber jumper to connect the switch. For short-distance interconnection, the optical module used for the switch's gigabit port can choose a 1.25G SFP multi-mode optical module with OM2 fiber jumper.

For long-distance interconnection, a 1.25G SFP single-mode dual-fibre 10km optical module can be used with OS2 single-mode patch cords.

The 10G SFP+ dual-fiber 300m optical module with OM3 dual-LC connector multi-mode jumper can be used for the 10 Gigabit switch port, and the transmission distance can reach up to 300m. Generally, campus networks do not need to deploy high-speed optical modules, and optical modules with low-speed and short-distance optical modules can meet the transmission needs of campus networks.

Primus IT offer compatible transceivers for campus networks like


1.25G SFP 850nm MMF SX DDM LC 550M 

1.25G SFP 1310nm SMF LH DDM LC 10KM-20KM

10G SFP+ 850nm VCSEL MMF DDM LC 300m

10G SFP+ 1310nmDFB SMF DDM LC 10KM

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