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Brief introduction and installation of FTTH Optical Fiber

Introduction and installation of FTTH Optical Fiber entry Box

In this network era, every household must have network signals, television signals, telephone signals, and monitoring signals. There must be a lot of cables coming together. In order to facilitate unified management and meet the construction of home installation and wiring, some people have designed an optical fiber entry box, also known as multimedia information box, family information box, integrated wiring box, intelligent weak power box, hub box.
Fiber-to-the-home information box, multimedia information box and home information box are specially designed for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH). As the name implies, ftth technology is an optical fiber directly to the home. The optical fiber household box is used for the installation of optical fiber household, including ONU equipment installation accessories, wireless router, 86 optical fiber connecting box, 2-bit three-pin socket, and can also be equipped with network module, telephone module, finite TV module and so on according to the needs of users. Carry on the unified management to the family weak electric signal, including network, telephone, television, security and other weak electric wiring, to realize the integration of the three networks. It is convenient for the unified wiring management of the weak electric signal in the family, separates the strong and weak electricity, avoids the interference of the strong electric current to the weak electric signal, and improves the quality of family life.

The function and characteristics of Optical Fiber Household Box

In fact, the main function of the optical fiber household box is to centralize and manage all the weak electricity in each room, which contains different modules, such as the branch of cable TV. A cable can be divided into four or five branches to different rooms without affecting its transmission performance. The optical fiber home box can realize home office automation, entertainment automation, safety automation and management automation.
The optical fiber in-door box panel is molded with engineering plastic ABS+PC as raw material, with heat dissipation mesh, and does not affect the transmission of wireless signals. The bottom box adopts hollowed-out design and universal backplane to facilitate the installation of adapters and other equipment. Beautiful appearance, generous, convenient installation, fixed firm. Versatile, flip grid design, compatible with different sizes of ONU (such as Huawei, ZTE, FiberHome, etc.), saving equipment installation space and no shielding effect on WIFI wireless signals. Strong expansibility, different modules (data module, voice module, security monitoring module, etc.) can be configured according to the specific situation of the family.