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PRIMUS IT Limited.

After-sale Service

Our company is aware of the importance of after-sales service for the company's business development and the establishment of the company's reputation, for the different customers、demands and personality requirements to bring different services to customers.

After-sales service content

During the warranty period, if the optical module fails to meet the specified technical parameters due to the error of the module or technical data provided by us, the user shall immediately notify us if the user makes reasonable operation according to the relevant technical data. Upon receipt of the written or telephone notification, we will solve the problem for the customer as soon as possible.

During the period of quality assurance (1-year replacement and 3 years warranty), our company is obliged to provide technical services and support for module failures caused by all non-human factors (except war, disaster and force majeure factors)

Supervision of service quality

Maintenance service staff must continue to learn, improve and improve their own technical level, to bring the best service to customers, and in strict accordance with the relevant company system and code of conduct requirements themselves

The staff of the maintenance service department should keep maintenance records and establish maintenance documents. It can be better managed and easy to count. Our company will be in line with the customer to bring the best service purpose, and constantly improve the service, maintenance and supervision system. As a material of the supervision system, the head of the maintenance department will make an irregular telephone interview to the service unit to know the job satisfaction of the maintenance personnel, which will serve as an important material of the assessment.

If the customer has any dissatisfaction or complaint about the service of the maintenance personnel, it can directly report to the maintenance department supervisor or the engineering manager.