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Based on deep industry insights and practical experience, PrimusIT is keen on market trends and customer needs, and provides innovative solutions and lifecycle services to support the construction and operation of high-speed optical transceivers. Our services are efficient, economical and reliable.


5G and data center trends

By 2020, the demand for next-generation applications and new IT architectures will force 55% of enterprises to upgrade existing devices or deploy new ones. Modernization is one of 10 key forecasts for IDC’s global data center market over the next three years.

Due to the requirement of 5G large bandwidth and large connection, the number of base stations will exceed 4G, and the base station structure of 5G introduces CU and DU, and the amount of forward data of 5G is much higher than 4G.The transceiver are upgraded to 25G/100G. 

Therefore, we expect the market for 5G pre-light transmission transceivers to be significantly higher than 4G.

100G Transceivers

The 100G optical transceivers are designed to adapt to the trend of the network market from 10G to 40G and 100G. The transmission rate is 100G, which plays a vital role in building a 100G network system.
The types of 100G optical transceivers currently available on the market include: CXP , CFP , CFP2 , CFP4 , and QSFP28 optical transceivers.

How to optimize your network?

With more emphasis on energy-efficient data centers and higher bandwidth applications, the need for small size, low power, low latency and low cost interconnects makes the QSFP28 directly connected as the best solution for short-range 100G interconnects. Program. Through aggregation, QSFP28 Direct Attach also provides a low-cost upgrade path for higher speed (200G and 400G) interconnects.


Wirelss solutions

More and more users are using smartphones and other mobile connected devices as the primary means of consuming bandwidth. Global mobile operators have deployed advanced LTE infrastructure to achieve download speeds of up to 6G / 10G / 25G / 100Gbit / sec to meet user needs. This growth has driven one of the fastest growing markets for optical communication interfaces. The bandwidth provided by these providers is primarily achieved by the optical link between the base station and the radio antenna unit. In addition to superior bandwidth capabilities, the optical front end has longer coverage and lower power consumption. This will give operators longer deployment flexibility and lower costs.

What can we offer?

As the market leader in wireless network optics, PrimusIT offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless broadband devices. This includes energy-efficient and temperature-hardened transceivers based on CPRI standards, as well as custom interfaces for deployment in networks with existing fiber optic equipment and fiber resource constraints. These products are based on internally developed and manufactured optics and offer market-leading flexibility and capabilities to support the anticipated growth in this market segment.


Access solutions

Expanding commercial Internet services, cloud computing, mobile bandwidth and residential Gigabit broadband services are driving the need for higher bandwidth while pushing fiber to a location closer to customers. To meet these needs, operators must continually upgrade and increase the capacity of their existing fixed-line access networks (such as VDSL, cable broadband and PON) while supporting traditional Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). To support long-term growth demands, operators continue to seek higher data rates, more scalable and higher density next-generation access solutions such as 10G PON and NGPON2.


PrimusIT offers a broad portfolio of optical transceivers supporting access network upgrades including EPON / GPON, traditional SONET / SDH (OC-3 / STM1, OC-12 / STM4, OC-48 / STM-16), fast Ethernet, Gigibit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The product has a variety of form factors including SFP, SFP +, XFP and SFF. Primus-IT products are designed to optimize fiber use, such as CWDM / DWDM SFP and bidirectional (BiDi) SFP + modules. In addition, Primus-IT offers cost-effective, high-speed components and bi-directional module technology for network consolidation and the higher bandwidth efficiency required for next-generation access networks.


GPON uses passive optical transmission technology, mainly used in FTTx solutions, including: FTTM (Fiber To The Mobility Base Station), FTTO (Fiber To The Office), FTTB (Fiber To The Building), FTTC (Fiber To The Curb) , FTTD (Fiber to The Door), FTTW (Fiber To The WLAN) and FTTH (Fiber To The Home) networking scenarios, supporting voice, data, video, leased line access and base station access services.

Application network

The GPON optical transceivers can be plugged into the digital camera to become the PON uplink digital camera device; it can be plugged into the wireless router AP to form the PON uplink AP device; it can be used for the modification of the DSLAM and Ethernet switch devices, so that it can be equipped with the PON. The interface is applied to the FTTB/N scenario.

Residential network transformation

After the GPON is introduced to replace the Gigabit SFP optical transceivers on the Gigabit optical switch, the Gigabit optical switch has the PON network access capability. Through the optical path aggregation of the Splitter optical splitter, more households can be connected. No need to re-apply the fiber.


The current voice gateway VOIP device, connected to the PON network requires an external ONU optical cat and independently powers the ONU optical cat, which is not conducive to system integration. If you switch to GPON, you can replace the external ONU optical cat, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and improve system integration.


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