Primus IT’s Direct Attached Cables(DAC)are widely chosen by data centers for connecting servers to the Top Of the Rack(TOR) switch as they are passive, consume zero power, have the lowest latency and cost-effective. DAC is the ideal option for data centers, super computers and other circumstances similar. Primus IT offers a wide range of products for 0.5m to 10m lengths and in QSFP28、QSFP+、SFP28、SFP+ form factors.
  In the Primus IT Compatibility Lab, the unique EEPROM technique has been used to ensure the DACs are compatible with different brands on the original switches and routers. DACs of Primus IT also 100% pass TDR&VNA test in the Primus IT Signal Integrity Lab. They are fully tested in SI testing lab and reliability lab, to ensure optimal signal integrity and the best end-to-end performance.

  • 100% Compatible & 30% Less Power Consumption
PQ21H-DA85XXM100G1-5mDAC-40-85 ℃
PQ21H-DA85XXM-4100G-25G1-5mDAC-4SR-40-85 ℃
PQS40-DA85XXM40G1-5mDAC-40-85 ℃
PQS40-DA85XXM-440G-10G1-5mDAC-4SR-40-85 ℃
PSP28-DA85XXM25G1-5mDAC0-70 ℃
PSP96-DA85XXM10G1-5mDAC0-70 ℃


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