PRIMUS IT’s 40G QSFP+ series includes SR4, CWDM4, LR4 and ER4 lite, using LC or MPO receptacle, with the features of QSFP28 MSA Compliant, IEEE802.3bm Compliant, low power consumption and high reliability, suitable for 100G data center network and OTN network.

  • 100% Cisco Compatible & 30% Less Power Consumption
OPTICS Technology
PackagePart NumberData RateReach (km)TXRXTX output (dBm)RX Sensitivity (dBm)InterfaceTemperatureDataSheet
QSFP+PQS40-8501M40G100m850nmVCSELPIN-6.7~+2.4 dBm≤-9.5dBmMPO0-70℃
PQS40-311040G10kmDFB CWDMPIN-7.0~+2.3 dBm≤-11.5dBmLC0-70℃
PQS40-314040G40km1310nm DFBPIN‘-2.7~+4.5dBm≤-19dBmLC‘-10-70℃
Package Part Number Data Rate Reach (km) TX RX TX output (dBm) RX Sensitivity (dBm) Interface Temperature DataSheet
QSFP+ PQS40-8501M 40G 100m 850nmVCSEL PIN -6.7~+2.4 dBm ≤-9.5dBm MPO 0-70℃
PQS40-3110 40G 10km DFB CWDM PIN -7.0~+2.3 dBm ≤-11.5dBm LC 0-70℃
PQS40-AO85XXM 40G 1-70m 850nmVCSEL PIN N/A N/A AOC 0-70℃
PQS40-AO85XXM-4 40G 1-70m 850nmVCSEL PIN N/A N/A AOC-4SR 0-70℃
PQS40-DA85XXM 40G 1-5m N/A N/A N/A N/A DAC -40-85℃
PQS40-3140 40G 40km 1310nm DFB PIN ‘-2.7~+4.5dBm ≤-19dBm LC ‘-10-70℃

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