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  Primus IT 25GBASE SFP28 (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) portfolio offers customers a wide variety of high-density and low-power 25 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options for data center and high-performance computing networks applications. The 25G Modules are based on SFP28 form factor.
  Primus IT’s SFP28 SR transceiver delivers fiber connectivity to extend the range of your network over 50 μm multimode optical fiber, up to 100m on OM4 and 70m on OM3. This hot-pluggable transceiver with SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) footprint features a duplex LC connector. The Primus IT networking SFP28 SR transceiver provides 25GbE connectivity.              Additionally, it provides a unique enhanced digital diagnostic monitoring interface, which allows real-time access to device operating parameters such as transceiver temperature, laser bias current, transmitted optical power, received optical power, and transceiver supply voltage.
  Primus IT 1310 nm DFB 25Gigabit SFP28 transceiver is designed to transmit and receive optical data over single mode optical fiber for link length 10km. The SFP28 LR module electrical interface is compliant to SFI electrical specifications. The transmitter input and receiver output impedance is 100 Ohms differential. Data lines are internally AC coupled. The module provides differential termination and reduce differential to common mode conversion for quality signal termination and low EMI. SFI typically operates over 200 mm of improved FR4 material or up to about 150mm of standard FR4 with one connector.

  • 100% Compatible & 30% Less Power Consumption
PSP28-312I25GLR2kmLC-40-85 ℃
PSP28-3110I25GLR10kmLC-40-85 ℃
PSP28-314025GER40kmLC0-70 ℃
PSP28-LX25-C25GLAN-DWDM25kmLC-40-85 ℃
PSP28-D(H)XX15-C25GDWDM15kmLC-20-85 ℃
PSP28-CXX10-C25GCWDM10kmLC-40-85 ℃
PSP28-B7315/3715-C25GBIDI15kmLC-40-85 ℃
PSP28-8501M25GSR100mLC0-70 PSP28-8501M
PSP28-311025GLR10kmLC0-70 ℃PSP28-3110
PSP28-312L25GLRM2kmLC0-70 ℃


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