PRIMUS-IT’s 2.5G SFP include SR LR ER ZR,CWDM/DWDM,BIDI series,complaint withMSA,SFF-8472,with the feature of low power consumption,commerical or industrial operation temperature and high reliability,suitable for DC,Metro and Transmission networks. 

  • 100% Cisco Compatible & 30% Less Power Consumption
OPTICS Technology
PackagePart NumberData RateReach (km)TXRXTX output (dBm)RX Sensitivity (dBm)InterfaceTemperatureDataSheet
SFPPSP24-312L2.5G2kmFP 1310nmPIN-9.0~-3.0 dBm‘-19~0dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-31102.5G10kmFP 1310nmPIN-9.0~-3.0 dBm‘-19~0dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-31202.5G20kmDFB 1310nmPIN-5.0~0dBm‘-19~0dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-31402.5G40kmDFB 1310nmPIN-2.0~+3.0dBm‘-22~0dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-55402.5G40kmDFB 1550nmPIN-2.0~+3.0dBm‘-20~0dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-55802.5G80kmDFB 1550nmAPD0~+5.0dBm‘-26~-8dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B35202.5G20kmDFB 1310nmPIN 1550nm-5.0~0dBm‘-20~0dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B53202.5G20kmDFB 1550nmPIN 1310nm-5.0~0dBm‘-20~-3dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B35402.5G40kmDFB 1310nmPIN 1550nm-2.0~+3.0dBm‘-22~0dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B53402.5G40kmDFB 1550nmPIN 1310nm-2.0~+3.0dBm‘-22~-3dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B45402.5G40kmDFB 1490nmPIN 1550nm-2.0~+3.0dBm‘-20~0dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B54402.5G40kmDFB 1550nmPIN 1490nm-2.0~+3.0dBm‘-20~0dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B45802.5G80kmDFB 1490nmAPD 1550nm0~+5.0dBm‘-26~-8dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B54802.5G80kmDFB 1550nmAPD 1490nm0~+5.0dBm‘-26~-8dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-CXX202.5G20kmDFB 1271-1611nmPIN-2.0~+3.0dBm‘-21~0dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-CXX402.5G40kmDFB 1271-1611nmPIN-2.0~+3.0dBm‘-23~0dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP24-CXX802.5G80kmDFB 1271-1611nmAPD0~+5.0dBm‘-29~-8dBmLC‘-5-70℃
Package Part Number Data Rate Reach (km) TX RX TX output (dBm) RX Sensitivity (dBm) Interface Temperature DataSheet
SFP PSP24-312L 2.5G 2km FP 1310nm PIN -9.0~-3.0 dBm ‘-19~0dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-3110 2.5G 10km FP 1310nm PIN -9.0~-3.0 dBm ‘-19~0dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-3120 2.5G 20km DFB 1310nm PIN -5.0~0dBm ‘-19~0dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-3140 2.5G 40km DFB 1310nm PIN -2.0~+3.0dBm ‘-22~0dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-5540 2.5G 40km DFB 1550nm PIN -2.0~+3.0dBm ‘-20~0dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-5580 2.5G 80km DFB 1550nm APD 0~+5.0dBm ‘-26~-8dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B3520 2.5G 20km DFB 1310nm PIN 1550nm -5.0~0dBm ‘-20~0dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B5320 2.5G 20km DFB 1550nm PIN 1310nm -5.0~0dBm ‘-20~-3dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B3540 2.5G 40km DFB 1310nm PIN 1550nm -2.0~+3.0dBm ‘-22~0dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B5340 2.5G 40km DFB 1550nm PIN 1310nm -2.0~+3.0dBm ‘-22~-3dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B4540 2.5G 40km DFB 1490nm PIN 1550nm -2.0~+3.0dBm ‘-20~0dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B5440 2.5G 40km DFB 1550nm PIN 1490nm -2.0~+3.0dBm ‘-20~0dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B4580 2.5G 80km DFB 1490nm APD 1550nm 0~+5.0dBm ‘-26~-8dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B5480 2.5G 80km DFB 1550nm APD 1490nm 0~+5.0dBm ‘-26~-8dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B451B 2.5G 120km DFB APD 2.0-6.0dBm ‘-28~-10dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-B541B 2.5G 120km DFB APD 2.0-6.0dBm ‘-28~-10dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-CXX20 2.5G 20km DFB 1271-1611nm PIN -2.0~+3.0dBm ‘-21~0dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-CXX40 2.5G 40km DFB 1271-1611nm PIN -2.0~+3.0dBm ‘-23~0dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-CXX80 2.5G 80km DFB 1271-1611nm APD 0~+5.0dBm ‘-29~-8dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP24-DXX20 2.5G 20km 1528.77-1563.86nm PIN -2.0~+3.0dBm ‘-21~0dBm LC -40-85℃
PSP24-DXX40 2.5G 40km 1528.77-1563.86nm APD 0~+5.0dBm ‘-29~-8dBm LC -40-85℃
PSP24-DXX80 2.5G 80km 1528.77-1563.86nm APD 0~+5.0dBm ‘-29~-8dBm LC -40-85℃

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