PRIMUS IT’s 16G/10G XFP series includes SR4, CWDM4, LR4 and ER4 lite, using LC or MPO receptacle, with the features of QSFP28 MSA Compliant, IEEE802.3bm Compliant, low power consumption and high reliability, suitable for 100G data center network and OTN network.

  • 100% Cisco Compatible & 30% Less Power Consumption
OPTICS Technology
PackagePart NumberData RateReach (km)TXRXTX output (dBm)RX Sensitivity (dBm)ConnectorTemperatureDataSheet
SFP+PSP16-8503M16G100mVCSEL 850nmN/AN/AN/ALC0-70℃
PSP16-311016G10kmDFB 1310nmN/AN/AN/ALC0-70℃
PSP96-8503M10G300mVCSEL 850nmPIN850nm-7.0~-1.0 dBm≤-11.1dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-311010G10kmDFB 1310nmPIN1310nm‘-6.0~+0.5dBm≤-14.4dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-312010G20kmDFB 1310nmPIN1310nm-5.0~+1.0dBm≤-14.4dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-314010G40kmDFB 1310nmAPD1310nm-2~+3dBm‘-20~-8dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-554010G40kmEML 1550nmPIN-3.0~+4.0dBm‘-16~-1dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-558010G80kmEML 1550nmAPD0~+4.0dBm‘-24~-7dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-551A10G100kmEML 1550nmAPD1.0~+5.0dBm≤-24dBmLC0-70℃
PSP96-B731010G10kmDFB 1270nmPIN 1330nm-6.0~0dBm≤-14.4dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B371010G10kmDFB 1330nmPIN 1270nm-6.0~0dBm≤-14.4dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B732010G20kmDFB 1270nmPIN 1330nm-3.0~+3.0dBm≤-14.4dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B372010G20kmDFB 1330nmPIN 1270nm-3.0~+3.0dBm≤-14.4dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B734010G40kmDFB 1270nmPIN 1330nm0~+5.0dBm≤-15dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B374010G40kmDFB 1330nmPIN 1270nm0~+5.0dBm≤-15dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B736010G60kmDFB 1270nmPIN 1330nm1~+5.0dBm≤-19dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B376010G60kmDFB 1330nmPIN 1270nm1~+5.0dBm≤-19dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-CXX1010G10kmDFB 1271-1611nmPIN-6~+0.5dBm‘-14.4~-1dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-CXX2010G20kmDFB 1271-1611nmPIN-5~+0.5dBm‘-14.4~-1dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-CXX4010G40kmEML 1471-1611nmPIN-1.0~+3.0dBm‘-16~-1dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-CXX8010G80kmEML 1471-1611nmAPD0~+4.0dBm‘-24~-7dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-DXX4010G40kmEML DWDMPIN-1.0~+3.0dBm‘-16~-1dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-DXX8010G80kmEML DWDMAPD0~+5.0dBm‘-23~-7dBmLC‘-5-70℃
PSP96-C5340I10G40kmEML 1531nmPIN‘-1.0~+3.0dBm‘-16~-1dBmLC‘-40-85℃
PSP96-3110I10G10kmDFB 1310nmPIN1310nm‘-6.0~+0.5dBm≤-14.4dBmLC‘-40-85℃
PSP96-C5540I10G40kmEML 1531nmPIN‘-1.0~+3.0dBm‘-16~-1dBmLC‘-40-85℃
Package Part Number Data Rate Reach (km) TX RX TX output (dBm) RX Sensitivity (dBm) Connector Temperature DataSheet
SFP+ PSP16-8503M 16G 100m VCSEL 850nm N/A N/A N/A LC 0-70℃
PSP16-3110 16G 10km DFB 1310nm N/A N/A N/A LC 0-70℃
PSP96-8503M 10G 300m VCSEL 850nm PIN850nm -7.0~-1.0 dBm ≤-11.1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-3110 10G 10km DFB 1310nm PIN1310nm ‘-6.0~+0.5dBm ≤-14.4dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-3120 10G 20km DFB 1310nm PIN1310nm -5.0~+1.0dBm ≤-14.4dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-3140 10G 40km DFB 1310nm APD1310nm -2~+3dBm ‘-20~-8dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-5540 10G 40km EML 1550nm PIN -3.0~+4.0dBm ‘-16~-1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-5580 10G 80km EML 1550nm APD 0~+4.0dBm ‘-24~-7dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-551A 10G 100km EML 1550nm APD 1.0~+5.0dBm ≤-24dBm LC 0-70℃
PSP96-B7310 10G 10km DFB 1270nm PIN 1330nm -6.0~0dBm ≤-14.4dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B3710 10G 10km DFB 1330nm PIN 1270nm -6.0~0dBm ≤-14.4dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B7320 10G 20km DFB 1270nm PIN 1330nm -3.0~+3.0dBm ≤-14.4dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B3720 10G 20km DFB 1330nm PIN 1270nm -3.0~+3.0dBm ≤-14.4dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B7340 10G 40km DFB 1270nm PIN 1330nm 0~+5.0dBm ≤-15dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B3740 10G 40km DFB 1330nm PIN 1270nm 0~+5.0dBm ≤-15dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B7360 10G 60km DFB 1270nm PIN 1330nm 1~+5.0dBm ≤-19dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B3760 10G 60km DFB 1330nm PIN 1270nm 1~+5.0dBm ≤-19dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-B4580 10G 80km EML1490nm APD1550nm 0~+4.0dBm ≤-23dBm LC 0-70℃
PSP96-B5480 10G 80km EML1550nm APD1490nm 0~+4.0dBm ≤-23dBm LC 0-70℃
PSP96-CXX10 10G 10km DFB 1271-1611nm PIN -6~+0.5dBm ‘-14.4~-1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-CXX20 10G 20km DFB 1271-1611nm PIN -5~+0.5dBm ‘-14.4~-1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-CXX40 10G 40km EML 1471-1611nm PIN -1.0~+3.0dBm ‘-16~-1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-CXX80 10G 80km EML 1471-1611nm APD 0~+4.0dBm ‘-24~-7dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-DXX40 10G 40km EML DWDM PIN -1.0~+3.0dBm ‘-16~-1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-DXX80 10G 80km EML DWDM APD 0~+5.0dBm ‘-23~-7dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C4710G-ZR 10G 80km 1470nm APD 0~+4.0dBm ‘-24~-7dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C4910G-ZR 10G 80km 1490nm APD 0~+4.0dBm ‘-24~-7dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C5110G-ZR 10G 80km 1510nm APD 0~+4.0dBm ‘-24~-7dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C5310G-ZR 10G 80km 1530nm APD 0~+4.0dBm ‘-24~-7dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C5510G-ZR 10G 80km 1550nm APD 0~+4.0dBm ‘-24~-7dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C5710G-ZR 10G 80km 1570nm APD 0~+4.0dBm ‘-24~-7dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C5910G-ZR 10G 80km 1590nm APD 0~+4.0dBm ‘-24~-7dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C6110G-ZR 10G 80km 1610nm APD 0~+4.0dBm ‘-24~-7dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C4710G-ER 10G 40km 1470nm PIN ‘-1~+4.0dBm ‘-16~-1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C4910G-ER 10G 40km 1490nm PIN ‘-1~+4.0dBm ‘-16~-1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C5110G-ER 10G 40km 1510nm PIN ‘-1~+4.0dBm ‘-16~-1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C5310G-ER 10G 40km 1530nm PIN ‘-1~+4.0dBm ‘-16~-1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C5510G-ER 10G 40km 1550nm PIN ‘-1~+4.0dBm ‘-16~-1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C5710G-ER 10G 40km 1570nm PIN ‘-1~+4.0dBm ‘-16~-1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSFP-C5910G-ER 10G 40km 1590nm PIN ‘-1~+4.0dBm ‘-16~-1dBm LC ‘-5-70℃
PSP96-C5340I 10G 40km EML 1531nm PIN ‘-1.0~+3.0dBm ‘-16~-1dBm LC ‘-40-85℃
PSP96-3110I 10G 10km DFB 1310nm PIN1310nm ‘-6.0~+0.5dBm ≤-14.4dBm LC ‘-40-85℃
PSP96-C5540I 10G 40km EML 1531nm PIN ‘-1.0~+3.0dBm ‘-16~-1dBm LC ‘-40-85℃

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