The IEEE 802.3z standard includes 1000BASE-SX for transmission over multi-mode fiber, 1000BASE-LX for transmission over single-mode fiber, 100BASE-FX is a version of Fast Ethernet over optical fiber. It uses a 1300 nm near-infrared (NIR) light wavelength transmitted via two strands of optical fiber, one for receive(RX) and the other for transmit(TX), 100BASE-SX is a version of Fast Ethernet over optical fiber. It uses two strands of multi-mode optical fiber for receive and transmit. Primus IT offers the whole series of FE and GE optical fiber transceivers. Including: SFP-SX MMF 550M、SFP-LX SMF 10-20KM、SFP-EX SMF 40KM、SFP-ZX SMF 80KM、SFP-EZX SMF 100KM SFP-CWDM、SFP-DWDM、SFP-BIDI.

  • 100% Compatible & 30% Less Power Consumption
PSP12-8505M1.25G550mLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-31201.25G20kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-31401.25G40kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-55401.25G40kmLC-40-85 ℃
PSP12-55801.25G80kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-551B1.25G120kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-B34201.25G20kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-B43201.25G20kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-B35201.25G20kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-B53201.25G20kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-B34401.25G40kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-B43401.25G40kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-B35401.25G40kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-B53401.25G40KmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-B45401.25G40kmLC-40-85 ℃
PSP12-B54401.25G40kmLC-40-85 ℃
PSP12-B45801.25G80KmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-B54801.25G80KmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-B451B1.25G120kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-B541B1.25G120kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-CXX101.25G10kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-CXX401.25G40kmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-CXX801.25G80KmLC-5-70 ℃
PSP12-CXX1B1.25G120kmLC-5-70 ℃


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